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Join Pack 442 for our Virtual Cake Bake!

October 23rd to 26th

It’s time to get your bake on!  Cake Bake is around the corner and now is the time to start planning your winning entry.  If you are new to Pack 442 please note this is the SOLE fundraising event for Pack 442.  The funds raised at this event are critical to the Pack’s success.  

Support the Cake Bake! Donate to support Pack 442's fundraising efforts here.

What's different this year? 

In past years, this event has been held at Lakeway Church with parents and scouts biding on the cakes.  Cakes would include (toys, sporting event tickets, gift certificates, etc.) The family with the highest bid on a cake would get to take the cake and toy home with the proceeds going to the Pack. On average, cakes received a bid of $40 with some going for as much as $150 a cake.


However, given the current situation, for the health and safety of our Pack 442 families we will hold our Cake Bake online.

Although the venue is different, the Cake Bake remains our only fundraising opportunity this year.  We encourage participants to contribute financially by making a donation similar to what you paid for a cake in person. Remember these funds go to covering National Dues, Pack Awards and Pack sponsored events.

How is the Cake Bake going to work?

Baking your cake

This year we are asking that you make a cake only.  No toys, gift cards or anything of value to accompany the cake. Cakes will not be auctioned off - the good news is that you will get to enjoy the cake you made yourself! Please make sure to include your Scout in planning, baking, and decorating your cake (or other baked goods).  

If you have more than one child in the Pack, we ask that each child make or buy a cake to post online. 

2020 Award Categories

Awards will be given for the best cakes in these themes:

  • Best Den Theme

  • Best Camping Theme

  • Best Halloween Theme

  • Most Creative

All Scouts participating in the cake bake will receive a participation badge to be awarded in November.

Check out our 2020 Cakes!

Social distancing didn't slow down Pack 442 and we've seen some amazing cakes coming our way! Check out the cakes made by our scouts and their families below. Have a cake bake snapshot you'd like to share?  Please send pictures of your cake to our web master Amanda Myers,, no later than Monday, October 26th. 

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