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Pinewood Derby Weigh-In
Pinewood Derby Weigh-In

Fri, Jan 26


Lakeway Church

Pinewood Derby Weigh-In

Please sign-up for a time to do your official Weigh-In on Friday, January 20, 2023. Scouts need to bring their car for the Official Weigh-In and Inspection to certify cars meet all Pack Regulations.

Registration is Closed
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Time & Location

Jan 26, 2024, 6:30 PM – 10:00 PM

Lakeway Church, 2203 Lakeway Blvd, Lakeway, TX 78734, USA

About the event


Friday is our set-up and weigh-in for the Pinewood Derby. We can use your help:

  • Setting up and bolting together our race track
  • Setting up chairs and racing space/decor
  • Assisting Scouts with car retrofits (if they are not passing weigh-in - pls bring some tools)
  • Other help as needed.
  • Parents, please SIGN-UP HERE.

Weigh-In and Registration

ALL SCOUTS MUST SIGN-UP for a time to do your official Weigh-In on Friday, January 26th. Your Scout should also think of a 'fun name' for their car as it will be listed in the race line-up and results. There will be voting on car themes/decorations, so be creative!

ALL Scouts MUST bring their car for the Official Weigh-In and Inspection to certify cars meet all Pack Regulations on this Friday in order to race on Saturday. Once certified, the Car is registered for the Derby and will stay with the Pack at the Church until RaceDay. No modifications may be made once registered. After the car has passed the check-in tests (proper size, weight, etc.), it will be "impounded" until the Derby is finished. Scouts must check in cars Friday night in order to race. Check in will be by sign-up genius & time specific.

FULL DETAILS: Rules and Information

Race Regulations. These are Pack 442's OFFICIAL rules, and override any different rules enclosed inside the Pinewood Derby carkits.

1) All Pinewood Derby cars must be made from official Cub Scout kits distributed by the  Pack. Car kits purchased online, from hobby stores or pre-made cars are not allowed.  Pinewood Derby is a Scout’s favorite event. Let them build their own cars!

2) Cars must have been made during the current year. Cars carved in previous years are not allowed.

3) Due to the starting mechanism of the track, cars need to have a flat front. If they do not, they may be required to run backwards in the race.

4) WIDTH: Car cannot be more than 2 ¾" wide.

5) LENGTH: Car cannot be more than 7" long.

6) HEIGHT: Car cannot be more than 3" high (so that it can pass under the electronic eye at the finish line). It is acceptable to place weights on bottom of car so long as they do not impede the car's  ability to race down the track.

7) WEIGHT: Finished car cannot weigh more than 5oz. The weight shown on the Official Race Scale  is final. All car parts and materials must be firmly attached. Wood or Metal can be used to increase car's weight.

8) Mercury is not allowed.

9) WHEEL PLACEMENT: The car body must be at least 1 ¾" wide at the axles. It must clear the ground by at least 3/8". The four wheels, two on each side of the car, must be placed such that  the car will straddle the lane guide and maintain all four wheels in contact with the surface of  the track.

10) WHEELS AND AXLES: Use only the wheels and axles provide by the Pack. You can polish the  axles. You may lightly sand the wheels to remove the molding seam on the tread. No other  wheel changes (i.e. Rounding or Pointing) are allowed. You may not use bearings, washers, or bushings.

11) SPRINGING: The car may not ride on any type of springs.

12) DETAILS: Details such as Steering Wheel, Driver, Decals, Painting, or Interior Details are okay.  The finished car with details must meet the maximum length, width and weight rules. Please  make sure your paint is dry before turning in your car.

13) ATTACHMENTS: The car must be freewheeling with no startingdevices.

14) LUBRICATION: Use dry powdered graphite ONLY. DO NOT APPLY GRAPHITE INSIDE THE CHURCH. You may not use any other lubricant, especially oils and silicone sprays. No graphite may be applied after final inspection.

15) INSPECTION: Each car must pass inspection by the Official Inspection Committee before it may  compete. The Inspectors will disqualify any car not meeting these rules.

16) NAME / DEN ON CAR. Please write your Scout’s name & den number on the bottom of the car so  it can be read by race officials.

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