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Dues & Enrollment Fees

Dues are utilized to purchase Den and Pack meeting and activity supplies, advancement materials, badges, awards, and pinewood derby cars, on behalf of the Cub Scouts. An additional portion is allocated to annual Pack registration fees, leader training, and insurance payable to Capitol Area Council BSA.

No child should be denied the opportunity to participate in Cub Scouts due to financial hardship. In the event that you need financial assistance, please speak with our Pack Committee Chair about our scholarship program.

When paying via Venmo, be sure to include your details in the "What's this For" section:

Product Purchased - Scout First and Last Name 

(i.e. Tiger Dues - Bob Smith)

Pack 442 Venmo (1).png

Venmo is our preferred payment method as it helps us avoid credit card fees. At checkout, you can pay directly with a credit card at the price that includes the credit card fees OR use Venmo (SELECT MANUAL PAYMENT) and pay the actual amount without fees. If you have access to Venmo, we encourage you to choose that payment method.

  • Dues: $180.75 with Credit Card OR $175 via Venmo

  • New Scout Enrollment: $52 with Credit Card OR $50 via Venmo

Venmo - Our Preferred Payment Method and It Costs Less!

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