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About Pack 442

The Cub Scout program is designed to involve your child in a group of children the same age where they can have fun, make friends and see new things, while gaining a sense of personal achievement from the new skills learned. Here's how it works!

Your Child is a Member of a Den

Pack 442 is made up of several dens.


The Den Meeting is the most important part of Cub Scouting.  It is where Cub Scouts build friendships, work together to learn new things, and progress towards earning their common badge of rank. 

In den meetings and pack meetings, Cub Scouts make new friends, play purposeful games, and learn new things.  Dens usually meet two times a month. All the dens in the pack come together once a month for a pack meeting.

Pack 442 Dens

On the advancement trail, a Cub Scout progresses towards a badge of rank based on their grade. They need not have earned the previous rank in order to earn the next.  Each of the ranks in Cub Scouting has its own requirements that are age appropriate, so earning a rank below a Cub Scout’s current grade is not permitted. As a Cub Scout advances through the ranks, the requirements get more challenging, to match the new skills and abilities they have learned.


The Lion Cub program has exciting indoor and outdoor activities specifically designed for kindergarten age youth and their adult partner. Learn more...


The Bear rank is for youth who have finished second grade or are nine years old. To earn the Bear badge, a youth must complete six required adventures and one elective adventure. Learn more...


The Tiger rank is for youth who are in first grade or age 7. To earn the Tiger badge, a youth must complete 6 required adventures with the den or family and one elective adventure. Learn more...


Webelos is for youth who have completed third grade or are ten years old. Webelos work on the five required adventures and choose two of the 18 elective adventures that shared by the Webelos and Arrow of Light. Learn more...


The Wolf rank is for Cub Scouts who have finished first grade or are eight years old. To earn the Wolf badge, a Cub Scout must complete six required adventures and one elective adventure.  Learn more...

Arrow of Light

The highest rank in Cub Scouting is the Arrow of Light, preparing a Webelos to become a member of Scouts BSA. Scouts must complete four required adventures and three elective adventures to earn the Arrow of Light rank.  Learn more...

Fun for the Family

Every second with your child is a second well spent. Scouting gives you that valuable time with them that the everyday world often doesn’t allow. There will always be dentist appointments and lawns to mow. But with Scouting, you have time ’re guaranteed a few days a month away from everything, with the child who means everything to you.


We encourage parents to be involved and we design the programs as "scheduled family-time".  Many of the events Pack 442 plans are for the entire family. We are not a drop-off program and we want you to get involved!  Come share your scout's adventures. Through our program, your child will not only be learning but you’ll have an opportunity to learn something about your child!

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