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September 9 - October 22, 2023
Let's get started!

Pack 442 is going to be selling Cuvée Coffee as our annual fundraiser. Funds raised will be used to expand our community projects and improve our pack events, including campouts, overnights, bike rodeo, soap box derby, and so much more.

NEW! Calling Parents and Pack Leaders - We need your help!

Our pack sells at Lowes on Hwy 71 in Bee Cave for six (6) weekends, and we need volunteers each weekend to help with set-up, take-down, and emergency fill-in of our sales table. We have created a sign-up sheet for parents and/or adult leaders to sign-up for the weekend day(s) of their choice as the 'on-call' volunteer(s). See below or click the sign-up sheet for details.

THANK YOU for helping make this fundraiser a success!

We are kicking things off September 7th at CraigO's

Ready to get started? We will have a coffee fundraising table at CraigO's - join us to support the pack, learn more about the fundraising program, and purchase your starter coffee to sell! We will have a table for you to pick up your first coffee order and ask any questions about the fundraising campaign. 

  • EARLY START INCENTIVE! Scouts who order over $100 in coffee to sell will earn an extra $5 toward their fundraising goals and incentives. Scouts who order over $200 will earn an extra $10 toward their fundraising goals and incentives.



Cuvée Coffee is a local company right here in Austin that has been around since 1998.

They are offering us 12oz and 5lb bags at a discount, allowing us to raise funds for the Pack and keep the goal for each Scout attainable. Scouts will be selling our popular coffees from 2023, Emporium a medium roast coffee and West Pole a dark roast coffee, as well as testing two new top producers, Stella Cometa an espresso blend and Brazil a medium roast coffee. All products are available in both bean and ground options. 

Emporium - Medium Roast - Cuvee Coffee
West Pole - Dark Roast - Cuvee Coffee
Stella Coffee.png
Brazil Coffee.png
Medium Roast

Emporium is the pool hall in the movie Dazed and Confused, 
which, in a way, describes who we are...All right, all right, all right!

We bring the best coffee from all over the world to our roastery in Austin, TX.

Blending together several of our single-origin selections to create this coffee that is complex and approachable, just the way a great blend should be, and reason enough to make it our house favorite.

West Pole
Dark Roast

We strive to maintain distinctive origin flavors while softening the acidity and highlighting distinctive molasses and spice characteristics. This coffee is a shining example of our craft, providing enough roast development to please those who look for deep character but applied with a delicate hand to still deliver a true coffee experience.

The West Pole, unlike the North and South Poles, has no geographic significance whatsoever. It was declared to be so as more of a gag than anything else, and we kind've love that. It's definitely not something you would expect to find in Bee Cave, Texas (just east of our roastery) so we named our dark roast blend after it...just because.

Stella Cometa
Espresso Roast

Italian for “North Star” or “Guiding Light” this Espresso Blend is our beacon for quality, craft, and product in one. It’s where we continually look to make sure we are steadfast in our commitment to produce the absolute best product possible.

This blend of coffees from Central and South America includes both washed and honeyed processing in order to create an espresso that combines body, sweetness, acidity, and a clean aftertaste.

Brazil Single Origin
Medium Roast

Brazil is a single-origin medium roast coffee.

This coffee is named Cascavel Vermelha, after the rattlesnake that makes its home in and around coffee farms. This pulpy Brazil is loaded with sweetness and notes of red fruit that are common with the natural process.


The Pack has a total goal of raising $25,000. To reach this, we are asking for each Scout to sell $200 of coffee. That’s just 10 – 12oz bags or 2– 5lb bags.


  • Sell 10 of the 12oz bags at $20/bag = $200

  • Sell 2 of the 5lb bags at $100/bag = $200

NEW THIS YEAR: Den Incentives for Team Work! All Dens where each member participates and meets their $200 goal, will receive a bonus $10 on their Amazon Gift Cards. 


You can purchase the coffee at the sales price from the Pack and sell to family & friends. Once purchased, your Scout will get full credit towards their sales goal.


Bags will be available for purchase at Pack events or by requesting online here. Place your online request by Sunday each week, and coffee will be available for pickup on Thursday. You can purchase coffee directly through 10/22/23


Sales events will be held on weekends from 9/9 to 10/22. The coffee is provided at these events, and there is no need to purchase up front. This is a team-building event, and all sales during each time slot will be totaled and split. The time slot with the most sales per Scout each day will earn a $5 Bahama Buck gift card for each Scout. 

Parent/Leader Volunteers Needed

We need your help! Volunteer to assist with the set-up, take-down and emergency fill-in for a weekend of our Coffee Fundraiser at Lowes. 

Duties Include (Saturday and Sunday):

  • 8:15-8:30 am - Picking up coffee product, sales envelopes and supplies, table, flags, chairs from Alyssa's Home (Rough Hollow West Rim, near Welcome Center - will send address) 

  • 8:50 am - Delivering to Lowes before the first shift at 9am and setting up for the sale. You are done when the first Scout families arrive to sell. 

  • 4:00 pm (or earlier, depending on sign-ups) - Pick up the same supplies from Lowes and return them to Alyssa's Home along with all funds, payment envelopes, etc. 

  • Emergency fill-in - Your contact details will be available for all sellers on the dates you sign up for, in the event they have issues or questions. Should there be a 'no-show' you can reach out to see if the shift can be covered by a group staying later or arriving earlier. If the spot can't be filled, you will need to go to Lowes and have your Scout sell or, at a minimum, secure the table until the next group can arrive. The table, coffee and funds can't be left unattended. You will be provided with a list of sign-ups and contact info for the weekend. This is a rare occurrence, but it does happen.

This is an incredible help to our fundraising efforts, and all volunteers are GREATLY APPRECIATED! 

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